Come be a part of an award winning Company!

Breaking Pointe Dance Company division is known for great technique and the ability to rise each dancer to their fullest capabilities of dance.  Company dance is not just about dance.   It is about perfection.  It is about our family of dancers.  It teaches each child the importance of dedication and work ethic.  Come join BPD FAM!


Dancers will attend all regional and national competitions.  3-4 regional and 1 national and attendance is mandatory.  These competitions will require travel outside of Louisiana. Each competition dance has a registration fee which can range from $50 – $100 per dance or group.

Dancers will typically be placed in at least 2 dance routines.  Each routine will require a separate costume.

Training for Company competion is intense and requires full commitment.

A competion costume will be required.   The same costume will be used all season and during recital.  This costume is per company dance that the student competes..  Competition costumes can range between $85-$200 each.  Some accessories may also be required.

Extra attire may be required to keep our dance company looking professional while traveling.   Example of this is a warm up attire that each student must acquire.   All attire must be obtained at Breaking Pointe Dance so all dancers look the same with the proper logo.

Company Dancers must be enrolled in 3 classes per week minimum at the standard tuition rate.

Additional company fees may apply.  See company policy which can be obtained at the office.

This company is intended for dancers 5 years and older and should be for those students that want to perfect their dance capabilities.  Competition Company is intensive and require complete commitment on the part of the dancer as well as the parents.   Stage performances can not be award winning without the commitment of every single dancer in a company competition.  Remember, practice makes perfect.

Company policy may be obtained at the office for more detailed information regarding Company and competitions.


Solos are allowed by invitation only.   For more information on Solos, please ask at the office

Important Dates