Is this year the year for you to be our 2018 Cover Girl?  Will your family get special seating to watch you perform?  The time is now to get started!  This year’s cover girl will be featured on our back cover.   Is it your picture that will appear?  Get out, get going and start gathering up your ads to make sure you reach the top.   But remember, the cover girl’s court will also be featured.   The top 10 ad sellers will be the stars of our show.

This year’s cover girl will get a free year’s scholarship for next year’s tuition for dance.  She will be crowned on stage and receive a trophy and beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers for her accomplishment.  She also will have the opportunity to perform with all of our talented dance teachers.  And as mentioned, she will be featured on the back cover of our program and a special photo shoot with the photographer and as always, special VIP seating with extra recital tickets and programs.  Oh, and sit where you want….this person gets to pick out the row of their choice.   Will this be you?

The court consists of the top 10 ad sellers with the cover girl being in the # 1 position.   For the rest of court, which will be the next 9 ad sellers, see the attached to get all the ad court information.

Ad deadline is April 7, 2018 by 2:00 pm.   NO EXCEPTIONS.   Winner will be announced at 5:00 pm.

Some important dates to note:

Dress Rehearsal:   June 8, 2018

Recital Location:   Brownstone Center Pear River Community College

Recital Date:  June 9, 2018 at 6:30 pm.